L'dara: Breakthrough Company, Breakthrough Opportunity

L’dara is a ground-floor opportunity backed by a billion-dollar company, 200+ years of management experience, and exclusive, patent-pending, breakthrough anti-aging products.

It’s a dream come true for someone thinking of starting a home-based business. Clinically proven, exclusive, patent-pending, breakthrough products in the $80 billion-and-growing anti-aging market. A Breakthrough Compensation Plan that rewards people like never before. A ground-floor opportunity with a start-up company that’s backed by a billion-dollar enterprise with more than 200 years of management experience. A company whose core mission is “Creating Happiness.” That opportunity is L’dara® International and they are reinventing Relationship Marketing!

L’dara International is a brand new company in the Relationship Marketing industry that is backed by FreeLife International®, with well over $1 billion in sales since its launch in 1995. So you have all the financial benefits of getting involved early with a new company, and none of the risks; it’s called perfect timing.

Add in breakthrough, clinically proven, patent-pending products in the booming anti-aging industry and you have all the makings of the next industry giant.

L’dara is perfectly positioned in the $80 billion anti-aging industry, which is projected to grow to $115 billion by 2015. In fact, all of the top 10 companies in Relationship Marketing are in the beauty sector.

With a management team with more than 200 years of industry experience, it’s not surprising that L’dara’s marketing materials, communications, and success systems don’t look like a start-up at all. Rather, they look like those of a 20-year-old company! “We are doing something that has never been done in Relationship Marketing before,” says L’dara CEO, President, and Founder Ray Faltinsky. “We are reinventing it! We’ve created a world-class, ground-floor company without the ground-floor risk. And as a company, our core mission is “Creating Happiness.” For Leaders who join with us now, the sky is the limit!”